Quality and Value

We believe that in shaving, as in life, we should always strive for excellence and quality. The fact is that traditional wet shaving offers a better quality result at a far reduced cost. Many who have switched to shaving the way our grandfathers did have reported the wonderful joy of working up a good lather and skilfully handling the razor. It is still the best and most affordable way to shave.

Making it Right

For too long South African shavers have been caught up in the costly folly of multi-blade cartridge shaving systems. Despite the marketing campaigns telling us we need 3, 4, or even 5 blades, the fact is that you can get a perfect shave with one sharp blade, a good safety razor and a good lather. We believe that the move to patent-locked cartridge razors has been a major backward step for the shaving community. This is wrong, and we want to make it right.

Keeping it Alive

Our aim is to revive traditional wet shaving in South Africa. Traditional shaving products have become scarce, so we wanted to make it easy for all South Africans to experience this form of shaving through our on-line store. We also want the shaving community to share in our passion through our social media pages.

Better for the Environment

Safety razor blades are 100% recyclable. Traditional shave soap is free of any propellant, CFC or aerosol emissions.